Machine Learning Engineer

Raptr is looking for an engineer to work on recommendations using machine learning.

Raptr helps PC gamers by removing the hassle involved with tweaking a game’s settings to make it run well and look great. We recommend optimal settings so that gamers get the best experience possible for whatever hardware they have.

We’re looking for people who can effectively use data to solve problems. You should look forward to tackling difficult challenges and to being a pioneer in this field. You’ll have the opportunity to work with industry leaders to deliver solutions for millions of active users.


  • Discover and implement the appropriate supervised learning models to solve a given problem
  • Tune models to improve accuracy after observing real-world performance
  • Improve the feature extraction process
  • Work with other engineers to incorporate your solutions into a constantly evolving recommendations engine serving millions of users


  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience with implementing machine learning or other forms of mathematical modeling
  • Understand how data quantity and data quality influences the effectiveness of a model
  • Must be able to analyze training data to determine which samples will be useful and which ones will be misleading
  • Programming experience and an understanding of algorithms (computation time, storage requirements, real-world feasibility)

Additional skills

  • Familiarity with modern PC game engines, popular rendering techniques, and modern computer hardware (especially GPU architecture) is a huge plus
  • Experience with big data (eg. hadoop / map-reduce) and Linux development is a plus
  • Experience with server-side website development is a plus