Raptr Roars Past 22 Million Players, Now Adding 1.5 Million Gamers a Month

Raptr Roars Past 22 Million Players, Now Adding 1.5 Million Gamers a Month

Raptr’s Focus on PC Game Optimization Sees Great Success, Gamers Join Raptr at a Fast Clip Across the World

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — March 11, 2014 Raptr, one of the fastest growing online gaming platforms and communities, now has 22 million members in more than 100 countries. In the past five months, Raptr has seen its user base expand from 18 million to 22 million members, and its monthly user registrations grow from 250,000 a month to 1.5 million a month. Much of the rapid growth can be directly attributed to the success of Raptr’s PC game optimization platform that was aimed at helping gamers get the best experience every time they play.

The new Raptr client is focused on providing optimal game settings that are tailored to a user’s rig and keeps their graphics drivers up to date. Raptr leverages crowd-sourcing and machine-learning to identify the optimal game settings across thousands of hardware configurations and lets users optimize their games with a click. Since its launch, players have optimized their games over 3 million times and kept the Raptr recommended settings 91% of the time. Raptr also makes it easy to connect with friends while in-game and lets users earn points just for playing games. Members can then spend those points on free games, hardware, and discounts in a newly launched rewards store.

“We are excited to help make the PC gaming experience better in a meaningful way,” said Dennis Fong, CEO, Raptr. “Some of the most popular games in the world, like League of Legends, are actually several years old and are being played on older PCs. We are unlocking the power of PCs people already own and turning them into capable gaming machines. The response has been overwhelming as our growth rate has practically doubled every month.”


Raptr has seen a thoroughly global adoption of its new platform, and this rapidly expanding global membership mirrors the trend of free-to-play adoption. Most free-to-play games aren’t reliant on the latest hardware; in fact, many F2P gamers tend to play on older devices — where Raptr can deliver unparalleled value by helping every gamer get the best experience possible.

The PC industry has also been excited about the value Raptr is bringing to PC gamers. AMD, one of the technology leaders in graphics, has partnered with Raptr to bring Raptr’s optimization platform to its customers.

Raptr is a free service supported by advertisers trying to reach the 18-34 year old male audience.    Leveraging historic and real-time gameplay data, Raptr is rolling out hyper-targeted ads that offer real value to gamers, including recommended game sponsorships, post-game engagement opportunities, and a free-to-play store that surfaces relevant content to the gamers who will care about them most.

To follow developments in the Raptr community, please visit http://raptr.com and follow @Raptr.

About Raptr

Raptr is the one of the fastest growing online gaming platforms and communities in the world. Raptr helps gamers get the best experience every time they play by providing optimal settings for their rigs, keeping their drivers up to date, and helping them connect, play and chat with friends.  Raptr has 22 million users in over 100 countries, and is adding 1.5 million new users a month. The company is led by CEO and founder Dennis Fong (co-founder of Xfire, Lithium, and Gamers.com). Raptr was founded in 2007 and is backed by investors Accel Partners, Founder’s Fund, DAG Ventures, and Tenaya Capital. For more information about Raptr, please visithttp://raptr.com.

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